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About Film & Animation / Hobbyist Premium Member Nathalie/Brightfire123Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconwarriors-of-the-tide: Warriors-of-the-tide
Stay alert and Trust no one...
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Screen-Name: Brightfire123 or Firekitsunecat
Fursona Names: Bright, Fire and Kindle
Age: 17
Birthday: 6th December
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Current Residence: United Kingdom
Interests: Warrior Cats, Sherlock, Doctor Who, FullMetal Alchemist (Brotherhood and original mangas), Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Code Geass and many more series that if you spoil stuff for you’re death


Hiya there! What's up?! Welcome to my Deviant Art account! :meow:
My name is Nathalie, but please call me Bright, Fire or even Kindle~
I'm a lil.SwissoCanadian girl who enjoys animating, drawing and writing whenever she has free time. Feel free to take a look around my gallery, you’ll probably find a huge variety of stuff, though mainly OCs and roleplay related art.
I enjoy collaborating, either as drawings, story/comic writing/drawing or even roleplaying. I am quite open and enjoy speaking with others, so feel free to ask me anything.

Custom Background made by Ryu-chii

Brightpaw's Fate

Brightpaw's fate is a Warrior Cats Fancomic following Brightpaw's trail as she grows underneath the threatening shadow of her ancestors' past deeds. The story takes place in Fateclans's four warrior cat clans with characters created
by other members contributing to the group.
The whole comic story will have 5 chapter in all, though this is not the whole story, several of the time gaps to be filled in as a written form giving me an opportunity to reduce the number of chapter for the comic and the ability understand the character Brightpaw at a different level while I narrate her point of view in written form.
Chapter 2

BPfate Prologue Animated
BPfate Chapter 1 part 1 Animated

.:Brightpaw:. by DizzleDeeX

Pokemon X Nuzlocke

Flat Colo Com Nathalie by CrispyCh0colate

A Pokemon X nuzlocke run story written in collaboration with stormspirit1000 and her story "Reborn".
In the region of Kalos where Life and Death rules. Trainers set out to begin their own journey under the guidance of a certain Professor Augustine Sycamore to find out more about Mega Evolution, while shadows lurk and evil not only from the past but also present watch in wait for the time to rise and strike. Trainers with strange dreams, lost memories and the odd ability to understand pokemon speech must explore this world and face it's obstacles to uncover dark secrets about themselves and those around them...
Sitting Fennekins by Drache-Lehre

Firevampirecat by Miiroku

Game Status: Complete
Writing Status: Work in Progress
Current Team in Storyline:
Braixen by CreepyJellyfishSquirtle by CreepyJellyfishEspurr by CreepyJellyfishPidgey by CreepyJellyfishPikachu by CreepyJellyfish

December 21 - Stormspirit1000 [Advent] by Raining-Rose

Someone's holding a mep for rooke's nuzlocke

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 23, 2015, 9:23 AM

novemcauda-pfenix is currently holding a mep about DragonwolfRooke's complete nuzlocke. For those who don't know about her (she's under the same name on youtube and does warrior animations, though her comic is very good) she's been away on a mission for her church and this mep is to celebrate her return in the summer. :D 

If any of you are familiar with her nuzlocke run, well Novemcauda is currently in need of artists/animators to help out on completing this project. 
For more info just click on this pic: 

NuzRooke MEP! by novemcauda-pfenix

For any of those who are unfamiliar with Nuzrooke you should totally go read it! It's already a complete storyline and would totally be worth a read, especially if you like pokemon:…

Art and Coding by DECEPTIB0T

Active Roleplay Characters

List of some characters I use frequently use in active roleplay groups though note that I am apart of other groups, they just aren’t active currently and therefore not added to the list


Platinumfire ~Female~Deputy~Shallowclan
Flamestrike ~Female~Warrior~Stoneclan
Twinkit ~Female~Kit~Streamclan
Brightsoul ~Female~Warriors~Loner
Shadowstrike~Male~Exiled Deputy~Loner
Thornheart ~Male~Leader~The League

Azalea~Female~Founder/Harbinger~Northern Territory
Silene~Female~Alpha Female~Western Territory


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Animation is quite an interesting thing to do, there are so many warrior animators on youtube who are just amazing at it! :D 
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