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You may thank me for the watch and fav! Your welcome! :meow:
But please don't use my channel to advertise yourself!!

I like conversations: Long stamp. by Kiocah
Flat Colo Com Nathalie by CrispyCh0colate
Hello! Welcome to my account!
Firevampirecat by swaeters

Hi there! What's up?! Welcome to my Deviant Art account! :meow:
My name is Nathalie, but please call me Bright or Fire. I'm a lil. SwissoCanadian girl who enjoys animating, drawing and writing whenever she has free time. I speak French and English fluently and am still learning German (do not expect me to write in german grammar is terrible :XD:
What do i do online? Well it's simple, I am currently working on a comic (Brightpaw's fate) and a game (The prophecy of time) as well as an audio story (Snaketail's past) I also write many stories in my free time, inlcuding a warrior fanstory (Shadowstrike's Return) and a pokemon X Nuzlocke (To be a pokemon)
I enjoy collaborating, either as drawings, story/comic writing/drawing or even roleplaying. I am quite open and enjoy speaking with others, so feel free to ask me anything.
Firevampirecat by Miiroku
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Progress Bar - Coloring by OceannistHalf way through
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:bulletblue: Prophecy of time game Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist in game progress in the storyline it isn't very far...

:bulletyellow: Fateclans related :bulletyellow:
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:bulletblue: Hybrid-Kingdoms Event

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:bulletyellow: Map part to-do list :bulletyellow:…

:bulletyellow: Awaiting commissions from :bulletyellow: (i tend to forget who i commission a lot XDD)

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Prophecy of time game update


I've now turned the animated version of my 5 years old series into a RPG game where you may contribute characters to, either as battlers or sprites in side quests. Don't worry if you are a voice actor for the original series, please be aware i will still be needing you!! ((for cut scenes where i will upload the voices if possible))

Bolt JD [Not Free] by The-Furry

The advancement is steady, I am doing quite well on episode 1,2 and 3 having completed all the even scripting. All that is left for episode 1 and 2 are animated scenes with each individual character's voice actor. Episode 3 still is in need of battle sprites and the scene at the very end still need scripting, however it is also close to being done too and then i'll only need animated scene to complete it. Episode 4 has been begun and i am working on the individual maps and scripts taking place. A lot is still needed for that episode.

(NOTE: Fursonnas are also available if you want to have them added in the game)

List of cameo battlers to draw

Sign your cat up as a battler here:…

About the open positions:
Moon Kingdom:
Only, and I mean ONLY moon typed cats are aloud to be part of this kingdom. (example here… They tend to have dark blue or black coats with a little yellow.) They are fierce and follow their leaders order without questions. Though if one cat breaks the rules they will get exiled or worse...killed

Storm Kingdom All types of elemental cats are open, though there will be less moon types for the opposition between the kingdoms. (only moon typed cats accepted are the exiled members who will be watched closely) They are kind, follow their leaders order when needed but are free.

Rogues All elements are open. Either exiled by Moon if moon/dark type or born and raised as none kingdom cats from parents who were probably traitors during the war when the kingdom of spirits withdrew. These cats are fierce,but will only defend themselves or a family member if there is one in case of ambush.
They do not have a proper territory due to the fact that most of the time they travel through Moon or Storm Kingdoms (or the last remaining small sliver of Spirit Kingdom territory)

Battlers to draw:

Name: Music
Owner: Hawkspirit8228
Element: Water

Name: Iceflakes
Owner: HawkytheCat
Element: Ice/Snow

Name: Blizzardpelt
Owner: Darth-Emily
Element: Ice/Snow

Name: Windstream
Owner: Cookiewing
Element: Wind

Name: Nick
Owner: nickblast2
Element: Light

Name: Machigai
Ref: its-insane-o-clock.deviantart.…
Owner: Its-Insane-O-Clock
Element: Thunder

Name: Star/Ren
Ref: its-insane-o-clock.deviantart.…
Owner: Its-Insane-O-Clock
Element: Light

Name: Paintbrush
Ref: its-insane-o-clock.deviantart.…
Owner: Its-Insane-O-Clock
Element: Earth

Name: Rivermist
Element: Snow

Name: Palmwhisker
Owner: meganstarduncan
Element: Wind (with the power Sonic Wave)

Name: Whitefang
Owner: StrangerClaw
Element: Fire

Name: Apex
Ref: xxaluri-skullcatxx.deviantart.…
Owner: xXAluri-SkullcatXx
Element: Earth

Name: Scarlet
Ref: xxaluri-skullcatxx.deviantart.…
Owner: xXAluri-SkullcatXx
Element: Fire

Name: Siren
Ref: xxaluri-skullcatxx.deviantart.…
Owner: xXAluri-SkullcatXx
Element: Dark/Night

Name: Destiny
Ref: xxaluri-skullcatxx.deviantart.…
Owner: xXAluri-SkullcatXx
Element: Dark/Night

Name: Kallie
Owner: StrangerClaw
Element: Water

Name: Glowing Wind… (n°1)
Element: Wind

Name: Purple Spot
Ref:… (n°5)
Owner StrangerClaw
Element: Dark/Night

>>Will add a new list of characters to be drawn everytime i've finished this batch<<

I'm on fireeeee by BeCarefulPaint

Please Read!

:Comm: Echos of my ancient past by Get-Get-Doodles
Pay for commissions in donnation poll! :D

Commission Information *New Terms* OPEN
I’ve been thinking about this for a whole now, looking at others and how they price their own commissions before finally making up my mind, and trust me this was a tough choice to make. :XD:
How it works?
I do not have a fixed price for my commission, this means when sending me a note you will add what you would be prepared to pay. Depending on the amount of time available and how much it will take to draw the piece I may accept the price you offer.
This does not mean you can go around offering 10 :points: for a fully detailed piece with background! I will be deciding things based on my time and so pretty much offering  10 :points: for a commission would mean my art is only worth 3 :points: out of that amount and the rest would be for the time taken to draw. (so no I am unlikely to accept 10 point for a detailed com, however I may for headshots or stuff so don’t hesitate to ask, I won’t be offended unless I

When you commission please follow these rules:

:bulletred: It is preferred you note me the details if you want to commission me, this helps me keep track of the details and not have to search through pages for your comment.
:bulletred: Do not pay me for the commission until I have replied your message. I may simply not have the time to draw your piece worth its price and have to turn down the commission. After i've agreed please pay before i work on your piece.
:bulletred: Please send points through donations or send points. :)

:bulletblue: When commissioning me please fill in::bulletblue:

Type of commission:
Details: (attitude, pose, background,ect…)
Character ref:
Price your willing to pay for my time:

:bulletblue::bulletgreen: What i will draw :bulletgreen::bulletblue:
Dogs (i will draw wolves but i'm not good at them)
Ponies (mlp)
Humans (+10 :points: if your character is human)
Gore and fight scenes

:bulletorange::bulletpurple: What i won't draw :bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
Scenes aimed to insults others and their religions.


Firekitsunecat has started a donation pool!
25 / 20
cat face by AddMedia Just cuz i can~ cat face by AddMedia
Pay for commissions here...and donate if you want...i guess..:XD:

You must be logged in to donate.

Brightpaw's Fate

Brightpaw's fate is a Warrior Cats Fancomic following Brightpaw's trail as she grows underneath the threatening shadow of her ancestors' past deeds. The story takes place in Fateclans's four warrior cat clans with characters created by other members contributing to the group. Feel free to join the group if you want your character to make a cameo appearance in the comic or animated version!
The whole comic story will have 10-11 chapter in all, though this is not the whole story, several of the time gaps to be filled in as a written form giving me an opportunity to reduce the number of chapter for the comic and the ability understand the character Brightpaw at a different level while I narrate her point of view in written form.

Chapter 2

BPfate Prologue Animated
BPfate Chapter 1 part 1 Animated

Art team for comic chapter 4 and onward:

Lineart Artists: (still pending, all depends on drawn tryouts)


Coloring Artists


Background Artists

Slots as comic artists are still open! Please comment here
to join!

Which program is better (for lighting and shading?) 

3 deviants said Photoshop
2 deviants said Paint Tool Sai
No deviants said Others??? (please comment if you know better ones than these two. :XD: I'm looking to save money up and convince my parents to buy me a program for my BDay if i chip in)


Group features~

A roleplay group situated 100 years in the future when humans have begun exploring space, befriending alien species and exploring worlds side by side with a creature companion they capture on one of their missions. But darkness is rising with an unknown organization plotting evil deeds that no one knows of. It is up to the Seishin-dobutsu group (aka: SD organization), a secret military organization, to seek out peaceful civilizations and cadets of the SD can befriend these aliens and fight alongside them to defeat the source of unrest, the unknown ones.

My current characters: Caine, Fouahd, Kayleigh, Kishan, Gordon, Isabel, Dax and Keanu



Roleplay group about the story of six kingdoms (composed of Dragons, Felines, Canines and Birds) all ruled over by a seventh hybrid kingdom (Ibrida Regnum) and how a small rebellion will eventually grow larger to a full scale war until the Hybrid stop it (as the legend sited at the top of the page is told by the victors).
The story of the group is aimed to show the war from different point of views and will either be scripted out via Roleplaying between members or planned in advance. Hopefully after a little of the story has been played out by different members HawkytheCat and Firekitsunecat will turn the group's storyline into a comic.

My main characters: Darius, Himesh, Phoenix, Ajax and far too many more to list



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Brighty, I was wondering if you may do a new MMPSH RP if you have time to spare.
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I'm a little confused about whether it's open to new members or not (at least at the top left the group says in large letters it's closed but as tag lines it says high ranks are open...:XD:)
Anycase i'll be sure to watch this group and join it when I am able to make a character for it. 
Mistyfur5 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Deputy and Medicine cat spots are open for almost all clans. And I will work with the issues soon. I am a beginner at running a group. (FYI I am the founder)
Hawkpelt22 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
The deputy spots are open.
drajk Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
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How far along are you?
I'm currently at Olivine City, :0
Firekitsunecat Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I admit the only time i picked my DS was during the plane trip to and back from Spain (and it was to start my Diamond run because i hadn't begun that nuzlocke yet and im probably way behind) So pretty much i havent moved from the place where Silver murdered Vireo after the second gym. :P
=.= I probably need to catch up to you sooner or later...
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