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((OH, Hello kits, who do I have here?

Frostkit, Waterkit, Tallkit and Venomkit? I hope you little ones haven't come to the medicine cat den to cause trouble!! want me to tell you a story....why ask me this question? Why not one of your elders like Hollyspring, Scartail or Sparrowdawn?

Hump! Fine....if you insist, I'll tell you about the flood that nearly destroyed most of the clans and took away the lives of Sharpleaf, Stormspring and my father Boulderstar.

Let me think...oh, come, come, sit down! No! Waterkit! Do not touch the herb pile that Mistypaw worked so hard to make! She wouldn't be happy if she had to redo it!
Good, now be quiet, do you want me to tell you the story or not?! I could easily get back to work on sorting the herbs my apprentice collected!))

Okay...the flood surprised all of us, sweeping cats right out of their nests into the cold of Leaf-fall. I was in the medicine cat den, in my nest trying to fall asleep to the noise of the storm outside. I was alone, Mistypaw wasn't born yet,but Applepool was expecting her, and I had no one there to keep me company on cold nights. When the first wave hit the island I managed not to get carried away by the current as it had done for many of my clan mates. It did take my supply of herbs...
I got up and tried to fight the current but it was hard...I managed to get to the exit of the medicine cat den. Outside cats where everywhere, trying to help the clan mates who had been swept away or escape the grasps of the current which was trying to take them into the dark water of the lake.
"Everyone! Get off the island and swim to the shore!" I heard Lightningstrike call.
I did as the clan deputy said...I trusted my sister mate with my life! Around me cats ran into the waves which they had been trying to escape moments ago, they had forgotten they were Lakeclan cats and that they shouldn't be afraid of water!

(( I know Waterkit! That you aren't afraid of water! You are Lakeclan kit just like the others!))

The water was freezing cold, I couldn't see properly as I swam through the murky lake. I tried to keep my head above but trust me, it was hard. I kept on going down under the surface. Sometimes I just wanted to let go and myself drown. But Boulderstar wouldn't let me die just like that!
When most of the clan members had reached the shoreline my father went back to fetch me...
Boulderstar guided me to reach the shore, he saved my life...but I never got the time to thank him....even in StarClan...
As Lightningstrike helped me out of the dark water my father went back to help an mother who was still struggling in the water. But it was too late, Shadepelt was dead... When my father realized it he made a noble but foolish decision, probably the most foolish one in his life. He choose to let himself drown so that he could live with his mate in Starclan

I don't know how many lives he lost before he died, when Lightningstrike managed to carry him out of the lake and set the lifeless body on the ground I was surprised at the time to see that there was a smile on his face... Now I understand that my father would have been broken if he had to live without Shadepelt at his side. Lightningstar became a good leader...he managed to rebuild Lakeclan to its former glory after the flood....and when the battle between Darkstar finally happened he was allies with the most unexpected clan...Not even Stoneclan's most dangerous leader was expecting Lakeclan to be allies with Streamclan! And after the battle his long runaway mate, my sister. Shimmerpool returned from her escape from death...Yes kit's, that's a long story, you should probably ask Shimmerpool about that...Now she is his deputy and our clan is strong as ever!

There we go! The story is done! Now you can go and play...WHAT?!! No, no! I am not going to tell you about the battle between Stoneclan and our allies! Go and ask Scartail, he can tell you it! He has the time to spar! No, I have to help Mistypaw, don't forget I am a medicine cat!

Your welcome Venomkit! I'm happy that you enjoyed it! I hope the other's did too....
Have fun, see you kits! And may StarClan light your path!
Okay, so here is the first Fateclan’s written story! (I am sure there will be more coming VERY soon!)
I will be doing more too! They are fun…and it lets me use the character’s I’ve created which won’t be used that much in the comic. One thing I already know…most of my stories WON’T be told like this one…this is the only one (hopefully for me) which will be told by a character to others (I found it confusing to write sometimes the story and then Stealthheart is suddenly talking to Waterkit) So, that will be different…it will probably be still told at the first person (XD That’s how they say when the character is telling the story in French) but sometime it won’t be…Oh, another thing, I will be writing stories that happen like in the past or the future so, if the character dies in the future don’t be surprised that he/she will still appear in the comic…None of my stories will happen at exactly the same time as the BPfate comic….So see ya! Hope you enjoyed it (I spent one hour just rewriting it from paper to computer! I could of used that hour to work on the gorey demise vid!)
DestinyTehPenguin Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the story, but it's StormSPRING instead of StormBARK now, and Mistypaw wasn't born yet, Applepool was expecting her and Marshpaw.
Firekitsunecat Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
oops XD i'll change that!
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